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We specialize in the rental of luxury apartments close to the sea. We work with apartment owners, developers and individual clients. Are you looking for accommodation close to the sea? It’s good. We provide our guests a free and reliable search engine of apartments for rent. Do you have any questions about the apartment? Or maybe this applies to your reservation? Contact us using the contact form below, and one of the consultants will answer all your questions.

We are waiting just for you, do not hesitate and find and book a seaside apartment today!

Gdański Teatr Szekspirowski
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Gdańsk - morze możliwości
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Gdańsk office, Chmielna street: 
Chmielna 70 street, place number. 2, 80-748 Gdańsk
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Św. Barbary 12 street, place number. 71, 80-753
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